Remembering 9/11


On Monday, September 10, 2001, we e-mailed jokes; on Tuesday, September 11, we did not.

On Monday we were secure; on Tuesday we learned better.

On Monday we were talking about our heroes being athletes; on Tuesday we learned who our heroes really were.

On Monday we were irritated that our tax rebate cheque hadn’t arrived; on Tuesday we gave money to people we’d never met.

On Monday people were fighting about prayer in school; on Tuesday you would have been hard pressed to find a school where somebody wasn’t praying.

On Monday parents argued with their kids about tidying up their room; on Tuesday they couldn?t get home fast enough to hug them.

On Monday we were upset about waiting six minutes in a fast-food queue; on Tuesday we were willing to wait six hours to give blood to the injured and dying.

On Monday we defined each other by race, sex, colour, and creed; on Tuesday we were all holding hands.

On Monday American politicians argued about budget surpluses; on Tuesday, they stood together on the steps of the Capitol singing, ‘God Bless America.’

On Monday the President went to Florida to read to children; on Tuesday he returned to Washington to protect them.

On Monday we had families; on Tuesday we had orphans.

On Monday people went to work as usual; on Tuesday they died.

The lessons learned in 24 hours, the things taken for granted, or forgotten, or overlooked, hopefully will never be forgotten again.


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